Welcome to my gardening, nature, and outdoors blog. I am a 26-year old young professional living and working in the Brazos Valley of Texas (Aggieland, for you Old Ags out there).  I graduated in Dec 2011 with a BA in Geology and a Professional Writing Certificate. My family has a farm where I grew up about an hour outside of Houston.  I love visiting on weekends and filling up on my mother’s cooking, loading up a tray or two of plants, and generally rolling around in the fresh green grass. I’m a slightly displaced farmbelle but thankfully my boyfriend has a lovely house with about 2 acres of grassy area backed up to a small creek. He is sweet and loving (and trusting, hehe) and allows me to dig up his weedy flower beds and plant whatever my heart desires. I am also adding two planters to his long back porch with herbs and jalapenos (his favorite pepper).  I think they will be on wheels. Please stay tuned for future adventures where everything blooms!


2 Responses to About

  1. Thanks for liking my photos on 20 Lines a Day blog.

  2. tinyokgardener says:

    I love the Brazos River Valley low lands of Texas, but, it is Sooo hot and humid in the mid-late summer

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