A Springtime Update and Picture Post

Howdy all!  It’s been a while since my last post and I’ve saved up quite a few pictures, so I will be scheduling a future post for next Tuesday also.  Not to spoil it but…it involves hanging planters!  I will probably be journeying home this weekend so I will have even more pictures (hopefully of our beautiful bluebonnet fields) to share with you.  In College Station I’ve been pulling out an ill-placed Mustang Grape vine (Vitis Mustangensis) and watching my flower bed grow.  Normally I love Mustang Grapes when they grow on the cedar trees around the property at the farm.  However, when they are growing into the screens on our windows, that is not cool!  My boyfriend has some beautiful roses that are very bushy right now but I will be pruning them down once they start to die back in the fall/winter.  The roses are beautiful!  Also, for relaxing music, I recommend Jessita Reyes “Native American Flutes and Sounds of Nature“.  I am listening to it now and it is extremely lovely. Thank you to everyone who follows my little blog and I hope that I am able to entertain, brighten days, uplift spirits, and generally impart some good onto my readers.  In the near future I will be doing a post on a few of my favorite blogs that I have found so far.  For now, below, I have included a LOT of eye candy for you to tickle your visual sense with.   Please enjoy.


About Lilybell

A sassy and classy gal in her late twenties balancing work, boyfriend, fitness, gardening, friends, fun, and sleep. Has a great love for all things pink and shiny, along with all things green, fragrant, and outdoors. Frequently documents her love for the above with her iPhone 4. Wishes she could spend every weekend out at the family farm with everyone she loves.
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One Response to A Springtime Update and Picture Post

  1. Beautiful! You must be living in the south. We just have our daffodils here up notrht, but the tulips are peeking out. Thank you for posting those pictures. looking forward to spring!

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