A Warm Saturday in March

As I sit here in my chair on the back porch (4:45 PM), my handsome boyfriend is mowing the lawn on his trusty Kubota mower. I did my two hours earlier, outside in my flower bed. The lawn is his area, and gardens and dirt are mine. That wonderful sound of a lawn mower making the rounds reminds me that Spring is coming! The sunshine is warm, the breeze is cool, and it feels delightful out here. Of course this is Texas, and things can get crazy, but I think this weekend is the last cool period we will have for a bit. If the darn grill were working, we could cook outside tonight. I am now adding a picnic table to my list of things I want to add to the back porch.

I am also on the iPad right now, which is usually mine until Fantasy Football begins again in the Fall (go Patriots!). Then it is commandeered by my sweet boyfriend for a period of time until after February. I am trying something new this time by writing my post by looking at the photos on my phone, since they are not on the ipad (it’s a 1). Then I will leave a note and insert the photo from my desktop later after doing a photo dump.

I think he is enjoying the sunshine on his mower. =). What a sweetie. I love him!

Today I dropped a fine fifty bucks at the Lowes Garden Center (that place was hoppin’ this mornin’) and brought my beautiful purchases back with me, but will be returning to purchase other things such as this fuzzy pink plant. I love anything fuzzy and anything pink.

Unfortunately, as I realized today, I have created a beautiful flower bed IN THE FRIGGIN SHADE!


What made this even more disheartening is that the sunshine is about four feet away, on the lawn. If the house were a little shorter…

Hopefully my Irises won’t die on me. If the plants start looking pekid, I will probably dig their happy butts up and move them to the back side of the house, which, as of 5:30 PM, still has sunshine. The area near the trees is of course shaded.

I would also like to place some crocuses and lilies around the small tree on the lawn. I am not sure about placing them around the cedar because I thought they sucked up water.

I also picked up a Columbine/tea flower that reminds me of a Japanese zen garde)

For 77 cents, these are so worth it. They are adorable and cute and will provide beauty all spring and summer. They are more of the French Marigolds that I have been posting. Very easy and pretty plant.

These beauties are Persian Buttercups.

This is a nice touch to one of the counters in the kitchen. I can’t wait to have fresh flowers more often.

It is so relaxing sitting out here in the soon to be evening sunshine. Can’t you tell, lol? My lines seem to be getting shorter and shorter. The brick columns holding up the back porch roof are warm on my feet. I really just want to let the pictures do all the talking.

Growing wild in the yard. Short enough to escape the mower.

Pretty white Texas wildflower that is everywhere.

Boyfriend zipping around on his little mower, trimming up the grass.

And to finish, here’s a photo of the impending sunset.ย  You can see my boyfriend’s lovely handiwork on the fluffy green backyard.


About Lilybell

A sassy and classy gal in her late twenties balancing work, boyfriend, fitness, gardening, friends, fun, and sleep. Has a great love for all things pink and shiny, along with all things green, fragrant, and outdoors. Frequently documents her love for the above with her iPhone 4. Wishes she could spend every weekend out at the family farm with everyone she loves.
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19 Responses to A Warm Saturday in March

  1. umeboshichan says:

    Lovely lovely flowers.. Persian buttercup is a beauty ..I also cannot wait until I have enough flowers to cut and bring in.. this years flower beds will be a surprise since we just bought the house. Who knows what could be in the flower beds! I do have little sporadic climbs of bluebells out in the lawn…I’m whispering encouragement so theyl grow big enough to be put into a jar on my table .
    happy spring to you:)

    • Lilybell says:

      Happy Spring! =) Be sure to snap a few flower vase pictures so we can swap ideas =) I am saving a few unique bottles and vases…I think this one liquor bottle I have saved will be a great one (picture in this post) =)

  2. Janette says:

    Beautiful flowers, I hope they grow!!! Wow that’s one big back yard… I dream of one like that one day ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Lilybell says:

      Thank you, me too! I think they are getting a little bit of sunshine in the morning, so as the days go by they will continue to get more and more. I don’t think I killed them =)

      And yes I LOVE my boyfriend’s house, it is so relaxing to be out here! It’s like a perfect home away from home for me. It certainly beats my tiny apartment (where I do have a fair amount of trees and grass, but nothing I can dig up). Maybe someday it will be mine too =)

  3. Pseu says:

    Interesting use of the word ‘pekid’ which I didn’t recognise, but find is an alternative eye-dialect word for peaked – or as we’d say peaky. Language is a wonderful thing!

    • Lilybell says:

      Hehe, y’know, I spent about five minutes deciding which spelling to use, and felt that if I used peaked, too many people might wonder why my plants are becoming pointy, or maturing too early!

      So I decided to move along with the development of verbiage and settled on pekid.

      I am sure it will make a few people squint, but it is much like snuck / sneaked — as much as I don’t like snuck, people are going to continue to use it until it replaces sneaked =(

  4. Jane of the garden says:

    Well, your iris is a lot less pekid than mine – itsy bitsy ones which have all disappeared. Who dunnit? or was it just the cold north wind which blows and blows?

  5. rethoryke says:

    The little flowers with the pink stripes are probably a variety of Spring Beauties, which will bloom for a little while and vanish completely for the year. The category of plant is “ephemeral”, since they’re here-and-gone so quickly. [Rock iris are somewhat similar — they dazzle and disappear.]

    • Lilybell says:

      Thank you =) I love them sooo much, and if you click on the picture you can zoom in on their little stripes. They are SO pretty. Such tiny details are so wonderful.

      • rethoryke says:

        In the northeastern US, those usually grow in woodlands and on the edges of meadows — that may tell you something about the other kinds of plants that might be happy in that area of your property….

  6. Beautiful flowers. I’m looking forward to gardening season too.

  7. wmatto says:

    I love your blog! Great inspiration as I start to get ready for gardening season.

  8. Nina M. says:

    Great pictures!

  9. murphyjoel says:

    Ahhh, the sweet smell of fresh cut grass – and an awesome back yard!

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