A February Visit to the Farm


When I went home over the weekend, I took photos of my mother’s beautiful roses. They bloom every year for about three weeks in the springtime. Thanks to the warm weather and well-placed rains, they bloomed early.  I snapped a few photos of them close up and far away (they cover a whole side of our house in white and yellow blooms. They are beautiful.


Here’s one for the cute factor. That baby goat had been born Saturday morning before I arrived to the farm. Isn’t it so cuddly and adorable?  I want to snuggle it forever!  It is amazing how the baby goats are born and then shortly after are walking and bobbing around like they’ve been there for days. The one laying down was our Christmas goat and was born in December. So, we’ve had two goats for 2012 and it will be about another year before we have a new arrival.  That is good because we need time to expand.  The picture isn’t the greatest quality because I had to zoom in fairly far.

Roscoe the Jack Russel

Roscoe is our adopted Jack Russel/Chihuahua? cross that we took in from an older family friend who was placed in a supervised care home.  We took a few pictures of him running around in the grass and he frequently goes on hikes with us.  We’ve shown them to our friend who was delighted to see him so happy.  It pains me when older people have to live in care homes because I feel that you should strive to take care of your older family members for as long as you can.  There is this horrible “me me me” mentality…or “I have to be independent and my parents should be too” mentality that I despise so much. I very much value the Native American views that the elders come first.  They’ve earned their respect and should be cared for by younger family members.  When my parents reach that age that they need assistance, I will gladly add a cottage or another room to my home so they can be nearby.  Granted that is probably thirty to forty years into the future, but still. Ok, on to more pictures!


I love our creek. It’s got several sections that hold water, and when it rains a decent amount, it even flows.  When it really rains, it gets going fairly well.  I remember when I was little, it rained EXTREMELY badly and my dad had to put me on his shoulders while we walked out into the soaking wet field. The water was almost up onto the field, and when we got to the creek, it was a rushing, muddy, light brown mess that was roaring along in front of us.  He wouldn’t put me down because he was scared I would run right up to it to inspect it (and he was probably right). I definitely missed school for a day or two because our road flooded and we couldn’t get out. Flood day!

Clouds in the Sky

This was Tuesday night, right before the rainstorm that came through. It wasn’t very strong but the clouds were gorgeous.


An alternate view of the sky from Tuesday.

Poppy Flower

Hello! I am a beautiful poppy flower and you will be mesmerized by my beauty…

There was one other yellow blossom but it broke off at the bottom during Tuesday nights winds so I put it in a glass of water on the counter where it shall greet me for a few more days until it droops. But, I have another bud ready to bloom and hopefully, if I trim the dead ends after the wispy seeds fall to the ground, it will bloom for the remainder of the spring/summer.


I can’t tell which way is up for this picture. I’ve rotated it several times.  They are tiny, gorgeous little Marigolds, courtesy of Lowe’s Garden Center. For 75 cents, I’d say I am extremely pleased and will be returning to buy more this week or next week. I am trying to watch my budget so maybe I will try and sprout some from seed. I am also thinking of Zinnias when I trim back the shrubby bushes.  I really want to remove those pesky “cheap landscaping” bushes, but, before I do, I want to ensure that my own garden bed filling skills are up to par and that I’m not absolutely destroying the front view of my boyfriend’s house.

However, things seem to be progressing nicely and I will have a post set up for Friday morning with several more pictures to show you all of my undertaking for spring and summer 2012. I am almost done “weeding” and “setting up” one side of the house but it still needs work and love.

Another summer goal will be to set up two planters on the back porch — one for herbs and one for jalapenos. They will both be on wheels so that I can wheel them close to the edge of the porch during the day to catch the noon and afternoon sunshine and then back up against the house for safety from winds or those pesky fuzzies.

So far the fuzzies have not eaten my plants…but you never know. Those fuzzies are crafty.


About Lilybell

A sassy and classy gal in her late twenties balancing work, boyfriend, fitness, gardening, friends, fun, and sleep. Has a great love for all things pink and shiny, along with all things green, fragrant, and outdoors. Frequently documents her love for the above with her iPhone 4. Wishes she could spend every weekend out at the family farm with everyone she loves.
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6 Responses to A February Visit to the Farm

  1. orchidmiami says:

    Beautiful pics! Good luck on your new garden =)

  2. Such gorgeous pictures!!! You had commented on my fashion/lifestyle blog earlier about my gardening hobby and wanted to repay the love by checking out your site. Where in Texas are you? My parents retired in Galveston. Jealous of all of your property and the creek!!! Looking forward to more pictures and ideas!

    • Lilybell says:

      Thank you for visiting! I am in College Station, where all my flower pictures are sourced (most of them) and my parents are about an hour outside of Houston near La Grange.

      I’ve been to Galveston a few times…and then had a geology trip cancelled in college because of the hurricane =(

      I love love love my boyfriend’s house. I will probably sit on the back porch again today and enjoy the sunshine. It’s far enough away from highway 6 that you can’t hear the cars (except for the occasional passerby on the main neighborhood road). It’s like a home away from home, and only a 20 minute drive to work (when I have to battle with people dropping their kids off at the school down the road).

      See you around!

  3. Angel says:

    Your flowers are beautiful, hope you have rain through the summer. I love your pics of the clouds, I think Texas is the only place that has clouds like that.

    • Lilybell says:

      Thank you ma’am! I do too; we just received a ton of it over the weekend. I do think we have some unique cloud formations when the wind blows, that’s for sure!

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