Garden Photos 2011

Tommy Toe Tomatoes

These are Tommy Toe tomatoes, little marble-sized tomatoes that pop in your mouth when you eat them. They’re like candy. They’re addicting. They’re SO MUCH FUN to grow!  These sold very well at our garden show and I also love raising them just for me too.


At the time I was experimenting with my new iPhone. I had just received it over the summer and still love it.  It takes good photos and I can actually get some pretty close-up shots of my favorite flowers.  This is a picture of my mother’s Zinnias with that trademark trusty pitchfork.

Blackberries in our large tin cans

One easy way to start and move plants (with gloves on) is to standardize their containers. We picked up hundreds of free (always good) tin cans from the recycling center and used them to start our blackberry roots.


This beauty was taken with my old phone, but is still breathtakingly beautiful.  I love Irises and other bulbs…they are so perfect. This one is unblemished and the dewdrops on it (or it could have been raindrops) are absolutely the perfect touch.


One of my talented, green-fingered mother’s beautiful marigolds.  I love zooming in on her flowers — they are always so fresh and captivating.  AND, they smell divine!  This is an especially good one to click on and look at the original photo. The detail is so exquisite…you will stare at it for five minutes at least.

Back Field

This is a photo of our back field. So much green and so much area to run around on.  There is a little brown grass because 2011 was a pretty rough year in Texas.  We barely had any rain at all and those clouds in the background might have been one such scarce rainstorm.

White Zinnia

One of my mother’s beautiful white Zinnias. I was tasked with the important job of making sure they were watered!  (In actuality, I started working in College Station in January of 2011. This was one of the weekends I was able to escape the city and go relax on the farm.

Texas Lantana

How close have you ever wanted to be to a Lantana?  I love this flower…and it’s a wonderful perennial so it keeps coming back on the corner of our porch year after year.  I love it because each little flower is comprised of even more little flowers.  Those delicate pinks and reds fade into whites and yellows.  How intricate is this flower! To me, this is the Texas Orchid.  When you look closely, the detail in each cluster is so amazing!

Red Zinnia

Mother’s red Zinnia, and two of my favorite bugs.  There had been one bug on the flower when I took the first picture, and then the second landed and snuggled next to the first bug. One is also smaller than the other…so in my mind there is a male bug and a female bug and they live happily ever after!  This is my desktop photo at work, and everyone loves it.

And with that, I am off to bed.  I will keep posting my 2011 photos until I have a sufficient number of 2012 ones built up.

Have a great Wednesday!


About Lilybell

A sassy and classy gal in her late twenties balancing work, boyfriend, fitness, gardening, friends, fun, and sleep. Has a great love for all things pink and shiny, along with all things green, fragrant, and outdoors. Frequently documents her love for the above with her iPhone 4. Wishes she could spend every weekend out at the family farm with everyone she loves.
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5 Responses to Garden Photos 2011

  1. I’ve never been close to a Lantana, but after seeing your photo, I now want to be be close to one. In fact, I even want to own one. 🙂

  2. ktlee says:

    Love the ruffled edges on the bright marigold — so vibrant!

    • Lilybell says:

      I know right! =) I can’t wait to see how perked up they are in the morning — water and a nice relaxing evening of setting in their roots lets them recover from the shock of being transplanted. In the morning they should look fresh and grow all day long while I’m at work…and then I get to come home and weed some more =)

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. sofitoffee says:

    yum there’s nothing sweeter than your own homegrown tomatoes

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